Stone Stair Tread

Stone Stair TreadStone Stair Tread – There are various ways of vertical transportation in a building. Among which stairs are special. It is its own kind of construction design that is used for bridging a gap between two levels. Traditional stairs were designed from woods as well as stones. Nowadays, RCC and Fiber also play an important role as innovative materials in the construction of stairs. People are using various types of stairs construction materials like natural stone veneers, and pavers to increase the natural beauty of the stairs.

Stone Stairs are still in demand and natural Stone stair Tread always comes first in mind, when we are thinking of constructing stairs. Whenever we think about durability and reliability, natural stone steps prove to be an ideal choice.

Stone Stair Tread

Natural Stone Stair Tread has multiple motives. They are designed to use as a tread of garden stairs or stone doorsteps. This versatile stone product is ideal for capping and framing purposes. So, let’s complete the look of your outdoor living space with our large collection of natural stone steps. From Granite to marble, marble to fieldstone, Stone Universe Inc haws a perfect stone for you to complement your existing set-up or new design for your space.

Benefits of using Stone Stairs 

  • One can construct their stone stair as per their own style
  • They are easy to clean and free from producing dust
  • These stones steps will last longer if we compared them to wooden steps
  • Stone stairs provide a solid statement of your style to your house
  • They are soundproof as well as waterproof

Types of natural stones

Granite, limestone, and sandstone are perfect for Stone steps. They come in various shapes, colours and sizes. However, the standard height of a natural stone is 6” or 7” but we can also customize it as per your specific requirement.


Steps are not necessary for homes. But they are an excellent add on if we installed them. They place an important role to give your landscape project a new creative look. If you want to install natural stone steps in your home then you must ensure that all the materials will match perfectly with the natural stones. With the help of us, you can create excellent Stone Stair Steps that will work for the aesthetic of your home. We have a team of experienced and professional Stone experts.  They can help you to find out the perfect stone steps or natural stone stair tread for your project.