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What is Flooring?

A general term that everyone uses many times, Flooring refers to the permanent covering of a floor either indoor or outdoor. In other words, it is the process of providing leveled, clean and manageable surface to the area.

The backbone of every project, Floor provides ultimate grace to the place no matters whether it’s an apartment, building, industry, commercial area or your sweet home. No one can think of starting construction without finalizing the flooring layout. Can you? Flooring plays a vital role while planning a project that handles day to day burden and keeps on effecting by wear and tear.

The steps involve in flooring:

  1. Laying a base:  The first step is to lay down the base on the ground. Ground level consists of layers of various materials and soil. The base is useful in providing a firm platform surface. Firstly, the soil which is already present and the added one is watered adequately followed by ramming procedure.
    It involves setting a thick meshed brick of at least 300mm. After that, cement is poured up to the thickness of 150mm to give a particular level to the surface. This process is essential but still, depending upon the type and base of material.
  2. Covering Process:  This step consists of laying coverage materials like tiles, flagstone, pavers, etc. The choice of flooring material depends upon several factors such as weather condition, nature of floor, etc.

Every homeowner loves the place where one is residing. No one wants depreciation of that. Furthermore, floors are the indoor as well as outdoor ground covering surface where kids use to play most of the time. Friends & family do get-to-gather, and many other things happen in our daily life. Thus, it’s better to make a wiser investment in the floor covering material rather than regretting it afterward.

Fed up with changing your flooring material over and over again!

“We truly understand your situation.”

“It’s not your fault at all.”

Numerous options are available in the market today, that’s why people opt for laminate, concrete or hardwood floor without knowing their pros and cons.  But one should keep in mind the core factors while making a selection as it’s a question of your home improvement. The element of sustainability is consider. Some are perfect for bathroom whereas others are suitable for the kitchen floors.

The material which is ideal for living room doesn’t give good results when applied in the lobby or other outdoor structures. Physical as well as chemical properties are beneficial for architects, builders, landscapers, designers whereas general properties grab the attention of homeowners.

Then what should one do?    

Don’t worry Stone Universe Inc. is here. Our company representatives and a network of dealers through the USA helps you out in finding the best suitable product. Natural stone flooring is the best solution that you can apply to your house or business place. Being a nature’s product, it is ideal for interior and exterior locations. Natural material is perfect for your entryways, patios, walkways, pathways, garages, kitchens and baths as the flooring products made from native stones.

We do not appreciate nature’s stones just because we are the importer & a wholesale distributor of quality natural stone in the United States. In fact, it has become today’s emerging trend because of natural stone characteristics and advantages. Moreover, it shows lovely color variations. Thus, it perfectly matches with the rest of the décor on its own.

Imagine! Your property is beautiful and stylish, but the material used for covering the surface is not up to the mark. It ultimately makes a fade impression on the observers. Most of the people are of the view that visual appearance of the place is utmost important as compare to the durability and density of the material used to make it. Nature’s stone makes your space appealing along with imparting strength to it which will last for decades.

Type of Natural Stone Flooring

There are a variety of flooring stones available in the market, which accurately mimic like nature’s stone. Sometimes these are copied in such a way that it’s become difficult to recognized the real stone among all. But, the manufactured stone can only match the beauty of a natural stone floor, not the essence & physical strength that it has. Its feature of no-two-pieces-look-alike makes it a favorite choice for homeowners and builders for millennia. Have a look at the different type of stone flooring that nature offers:

Sandstone Flooring

Sandstone is created through a natural process consolidating, and crystallization of organic materials, such as seashells gives birth to beautiful rock, sandstone. Because of its durability and distinctive style, it becomes tremendous natural floor covering choice among the people.


Colors with golden, reddish, tan, brownish touch or resembling desert sand and even multicolor are perfect to accent numerous architectural applications. At the same time, it has natural minerals which are environment-friendly.

Tip: To remove stubborn marks on the rough finished surface, make use of cleaners and in case of a smooth matt finish, PH cleaners are of great use.

Limestone Flooring

Limestone is harder rock and stands up better with the test of time. Thus, an ideal material for everyday use. Belonging to the family of travertine, it has striking grain patterns and well known for its earthen appearance. The formation of this sedimentary based on material like coral and shells. The significant part of this natural stone is that even it cut from the same slab, still shows a little color variation. To give it an antique look, it can tumble in the machine.

Tip: Being a porous stone, it’s common that stains may occur, especially in the case of kitchen slab. So, protect it with a good quality stone sealer. Resealing the limestone flooring after a few years, maintain its grace forever.

Travertine Flooring

Has been in continuous use for over 2,000 years, travertine stone type is a sedimentary rock, and its formation takes place when limestone put under pressure for a long time.SUI directly import travertine from Turkey, where its primary quarry is present.

It is a softer flooring material in comparison to other ones and available in a wide range of colors ranging from light cream to dark rust. The porous texture can be left unfilled for visual appeal, or one can fill it with matching color grout to produce a smoother surface.

Travertine tile Versailles pattern with thickness 0.50 is perfect for laying indoor and 1.25 inches for putting outdoor flooring. One can choose different finishes of this type stone. For example, Polished finish resembles marble whereas tumble characterized by pits and holes that give it an antique look.

Want new construction or replacement? Opt for our travertine collection to reframe your patios, rooms, hallways or front yard. 50 years old Getty Museum’s corridors are the trademark of its strength and durability. According to few geographical experts, it is a young rock, but it has already proven his standing with the test of time.

Tip: Because of small pits and porous structure, it reacts quickly to acidic substances. Spilled orange juice or citrus fruits may cause a stain. Thus, sealers and cleaners can help.

Quartzite Flooring

Quartzite came into existence after the sandstone compresses by pressure and heat along the tectonic plates of the Earth’s crust. It recognizes from its streaked and patterned appearance showing hues of pink, brown, gold. Other colors may also appear due to the presence of iron oxide and mineral deposits. Quartzite flooring imparts beautiful texture and unique appearance to the place wherever it is applicable.

The most important fact about this stone type is that it has the feature of durability and strength as a result of the formation. Two most common finishes of travertine usually prefer polished and honed. Polishing gives a smooth and shiny texture to the stone and also brings out the hues and patterns inherent in it. Most common for countertops and vanity tops. But when it’s about laying a floor, a honed finish is best suitable to enrich the patio, front yard, courtyard, rooms, etc.

Tip: Honed finish may tend to show dirt as compared to polished, but mildly abrasive cleaners or pH seven cleaning agents make it beautiful as it is without losing the finish.

Slate Flooring

Slate is a metamorphic rock which is hard, dense and fine-grained. This stone type consists of grains of mica and quartz with a particular amount of minerals like chlorite, hematite, etc. Natural slate tiles have a rough texture which gives a definite curb appeal, or one can get the honed finish also. Thus, suitable for entryways, patios, BBQ, and kitchens.


Slate stone comes in a broad spectrum of color variations and its density prevent it from spalling. Slate flooring works well for both outdoors as well as indoors. Moreover, it is relatively an upscale flooring material and adds a considerable hike in real estate value to an entire place.

Tip: In high cooler locations, this flooring type can be colder underfoot. So, install the bed of the slate tiles correctly before its installation.

Granite Flooring

Granite is an igneous rock and formed under the extreme pressure over millions of years which make it head-wearing flooring materials. Being impervious to scratching and staining, it comes in attractive colors. Granite flooring is most common in the outdoor area such as for laying a driveway or pathway in homes or commercial streets. This stone type is resistant to stains and spills and can bear the load of furniture or vehicles.

Tip: It’s quite cumbersome to installation granite that’s why one should hire a professional.

Remember: Besides all the above information, it’s sensible to consult architects or contractor to find out the accurate type of stone for your project. Ask them whether a particular stone requires sealing and, if so, then how often it should be re-applied.

Crystals and minerals are present in the natural stone, and a good quality sealer fills space and make them stain resistant. A renowned company fabricates a stone as per the requirement of the project and also accept the customize orders.

Natural Stone Flooring Material v/s Other Flooring Materials

The type of flooring, one’s choice for the surface make a significant difference in the physical appearance and finishing of the project. Where good material can enhance the look of the floor, there at the same time choice of insufficient stuff can make it worse as well. However, selection of equipment should also follow its better installation. Only then the entire process of laying the floor becomes complementing. Let’s discuss the significant difference between the flooring types:

An Ultimate Guide to Natural Stone Flooring Products

No matter which type of flooring product you choose, unless it’s a nature’s stone, the appearance will remain same for the years to come. Walk freely on the natural stone in the way you want and cherish every moment of your life. Choose from the exclusive range of colors for your flooring from SUI. There are various types of stone flooring, but here we discuss some of our top sold products in the previous year 2017. Develop nature’s stone flooring design ideas available in different kind of stone finishes.

Driveway Pavers & Driveway Cobbles:-

Selection of flooring material for driveways is crucial. A product that is hard, stiff and anti-slippery is required. As you know, stone driveways are the popular choice for ages. So, if you are thinking of creating a unique drive path, then this imported stone paving material to accent your outdoor space is the best alternative available with the colors properly test in the laboratories.
Driveway cobbles-Pavers- natural stone flooring-stone universe inc usa

Driveway pavers are the multi-dimensional sawn cut pieces use for laying a driveway. These are square, rectangular or diagonal in shape. One can develop various landscape design ideas by mixing different sizes for highlighting contemporary, Mediterranean or any other theme. Installation of pavers in the front yards, walkways, pathways, sidewalks or patios gives natural beauty to your outdoor paving surface.

Driveway cobbles consist of rough texture granite random pieces and are ideal for laying pathways. A hard and dense stone, Granite cobbles creates a stunning old look. Besides, laying drive path, natural cobblestones are equally a suitable material for walkways, parking, garages and other outdoor floorings.


Get bored with the same formal looking floor?
“Bring a change with Irregular Flagstone.”
Flagstone- natural stone flooring-stone universe inc usa
Flagstones are the irregular thin; flat pieces widely use for the walkways, deck of swimming pools, patios, pathways, sidewalks, courtyards, or fire pits. These are the perfect choice for indoor as well as an outdoor area for developing various landscape design ideas. Popular with the name crazy paving stones as these loose pieces are packed with each other to form a pathway. It gives an exclusive look & eye-catching appeal to the floor. Irregular stone stood alone well and mixed with other native stones to get an extravagant appeal.

Stepping Stones:-

Step up beautifully on the floor with Stepping Stones.

The perfect garden series product, Stepping stones are medium sized, laid directly on the ground area to form a beautiful path. It makes a separate narrow platform to pass through. The product has green attributes allowing the safe passage without harming the plants and bushes of the garden.

Stepping stone - natural stone flooring-stone universe inc usa

Moreover, its attractive colors and round, square, heart irregular shapes take the beauty of your garden to the next level. Not only for the garden and parks, but these stones are also equally useful for making unique flooring designs in the backyards, front yards, and lawns. Kids will surely be going to love it.


Tiles are one of the most demanded and old products that use for covering a floor surface. It is available in thickness of 0.50” and 0.75” and can apply in square, rectangular or diagonal way. For a long time, stone tiles have remained popular in the kitchens and hallways only.

But now, thanks to their durability and broad applicability, that they are making their way into the living rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, and lobbies. If you are looking for such a material that will last longer than carpets as well as easy to maintain, they can opt SUI tiles. Besides being a best-tiled flooring option for the living room and dining room, one can create unique kitchen flooring & wall design ideas.

Tiles versailles- natural stone flooring-stone universe inc usa


Tile Versailles Pattern:-

It was the early days when the floor or wall tiles are useful only for indoor accent surfaces! SUI offers a range of tile Versailles 4 size pattern, best suitable for both indoor as well as outdoor applications. Such design is a combination of four different dimensions of tiles having a thickness less than 1”. Easy tile installation and other properties of nature’s stone widen its application to the outdoor patios or even pool decks. Now, make your indoor as well as outdoor flooring gracefull with natural stone tiled pattern flooring.

Paver Flooring Patterns:-

“Pave your surface with varied dimensions of paving stone.”


Either you have a large area or small, SUI has paver patterns of various sizes which suit easily to any space. Besides laying individual paver for developing floor ideas, one can also opt multiple paver patterns for outdoor surface coverings. With Stone Universe Inc. you can get a different variety of paver patterns for your project. All these floor patterns come in varied sizes and layouts and are best suitable for laying a patio, backyard, front yard, pool, outdoor kitchenette floor.

Paver Random Pattern: This pattern comes in three dimensions, i.e., 12”x12”, 12”x24”, 24”x24” with the thickness of 1¼”. Thus, also become popular with the name paver three size pattern. In other words, the paver random pattern is an arrangement of one or more than one natural stones together for developing different flooring ideas. Ideal paving material for grilling stations, patios, terrace gardens, pathways, etc.

Paver Roman Pattern: Here, the word roman refers to the three sizes, i.e., 6”x6”, 6”x12”, 12”x12” in which one is rectangular, and other two are squares. Thus, the paver roman pattern is an arrangement of three different sizes of paving stones use together for installing an exterior floor.

Paver Rectangular Pattern: This pattern is a fusion of various square and rectangular dimensions, i.e., 12”x12”, 12”x24”, 12”x36”, 24”x24”, 24”x36”. If you want something different, then this pattern is an ideal option. To give a unique feel, rectangular pieces can also adjust parallel or perpendicular. The paver five size pattern is characteristic for installing the surface covering in exterior portions because of its hard-wearing and stiff nature.

Paver Jumbo Pattern: Paver jumbo or paver jumbo 4-size pattern is available in the four large sizes of 12”x12”, 12×24”, 24”x24”, 24”x26” with the thickness of 1¼”. It is suitable when one wants to lay large pieces of paving stone to form a pattern. Its features like durability, hardness, longevity, attractive appearance make it a perfect choice for outdoor surfaces such as walkways, gardens, sidewalks, patios, courtyard, etc.

Paver Versailles Pattern: Just like a jumbo pattern, Paver Versailles Pattern is also the pack of four dimensions which are different from jumbo, i.e., 8”x8”, 8”x16”, 16”x16”, 16”x24”. Also popular with the name Versailles 4 size paver or French pattern. Patterned pavers are combined with each other in horizontal and vertical form to give fascinating appeal that sometimes a single cannot provide. So, complement your backyard, BBQ, sidewalks, garden passage and other outdoor flooring surfaces.

Paver Ashlar Pattern: It is a combination of the 8 dimensions, i.e, 12” x 12”, 12” x 18”, 12”x 24”, 12” x 30”, 18” x 18”, 18” x 30”, 18” x 24”, 24”x24”. That’s why It has also become famous with the name paver eight size pattern. This product of landscaping series comes in different stone bases and offers multiple benefits which a proper flooring material needs. Whether you want to install a set of pavers with tumbled or non-tumbled finish, it is available in an ashlar pattern.

Rock Face Flooring Pattern: Apart from paver pattern flooring, another option that comes with the pattern is the rock face. These are the combination of various size natural stone available with rock face, snapped or chiseled edges.


Rock Face Jumbo Pattern: It refers to the grouping of four large dimensional pieces, i.e., 12”x12”, 12×24”, 24”x24”, 24”x26” available with the thickness of 1¼” and rock face edges. Perfect for imparting the old world look to the patios, BBQ, garden sidewalks, pathways, etc. These are popular among the people as it offers features of high compressive strength, resistant to slip & frost, low bending strength and much more.

Rock Face Random Pattern: Comes in dimensions 12”x12”, 12”x24”, 24”x24” with the thickness of 1¼”, Rock face random pattern is also known as rock face three size pattern. Chiseled or snapped edges give a unique finish to the surface. Moreover, its physical, as well as chemical properties, make it perfect for pool surroundings, backyard, terrace gardens, walkways, etc.

For more guidance switch to our inspiration gallery. Well, after discussing the products, let’s move further and justify the statement – why nature’s stone flooring has become today’s emerging trend.

Pros of Natural Stone Flooring

Natural stone has been a popular choice for flooring, walls and other applications. With the passage of time, there have been several innovations and technological updates in the variety of stone. But still, the charm and glory of natural rock remain the same. Moreover,  nowadays natural stone supplier like Stone Universe strive to offer the better to the customers by making continuous additions to the quality and color range. The real stone floor is suitable for both business places as well as residential properties and has a lot to offer to the owners of the area.

Looking for the unique design idea to make your inner/ outer surface covering more beautiful or attractive, then nature’s stone is a great way to accomplish that goal. Besides imparting the appearance of elegance and sophistication to space, it offers plenty of other advantages also.

Visual Benefits: Physical appearance of the place is utmost important. Being one of the most elegant and beautiful flooring options, it offers numerous visible benefits that’s why it has been in use since ancient times.

  • Options: With nature’s stone, one can have a lot of options to choose. Each stone matches perfectly with the decor. If we only talk about flooring, then there are various options like flagstone, tiles, stepping stones, pavers, patterns and much more in the row. Thus, one can choose as per the desire and need. Furthermore, custom sizes and finishes (tumbles, non-tumbled, sawn, sawn flamed, honed, sandblast, etc.) are also available.
  • Color: The Color choice was much when you bought something for place décor. After all, colors the one that makes a place better to the best. Nature’s stone offers a wide assortment of colors with natural variations. These color suits at any space on their own. From light to bright and single to multicolor choices are there which gives a decorative accent to the area.
  • Timeless Beauty: These stones are fade resistant, and their beauty will keep on increasing with the passage of time. You can install the floor outside on the patio or yards without bothering about its color. It will become shiny when the sunlight directly falls on it rather than fading.
  • Versatility: In natural stone, flooring products come in the various type of stone bases such as sandstone, limestone, slate, quartzite, travertine, etc. Each stone type has its qualities and pros. Thus, one can go for any of the bases that suit their needs the best for imparting eye-catching visual appeal to the project.

Cost Benefits: Everyone have dreams of living in the luxurious property or have an exotic business place. It’s time one can get his goal fulfill without incurring much expense of shifting the area from old to new one. Nature’s stones are more common as well famous for imparting a luxurious and luxurious look to the place just like palaces and castles of the medieval period.

If you think, installation of natural stone floor demands the high budget then gets out of this thought. Numerous varieties of this stone easily suit your pocket. Moreover, application of such rocks to the property adds a value.

Practical Benefits: Besides all the benefits mentioned above, practical pros are the most important. What’s the purpose of flooring stone, if it does not offer the physical benefits that are necessary for a good quality floor.

Durable: Durability is in the blood of nature’s stone, and old monuments justify this statement well. To make this fact more accurate, these stones clarify various tests based on strength and durability. Laying a stone floor is a wiser choice as it will going to last with you for long. There is no need for its repair or renovation. You will surely be going to love it.

Hard-Wearing: Earlier real stones commonly used for laying indoor surface covering. But now, because of its hard-wearing nature, stone flooring has nowadays become famous for outdoor areas also. It can resist wear and tear and stand well to the temperature, climatic and weather conditions.

6 Parameters – Must Remeber While Choosing Flooring Material

How to choose flooring material?

Selection of flooring material is a specific choice. It takes both time and investment. So it is not feasible to renovate or replace that stuff again and again. So, think out and make a sapient decision. Get a durable material that lasts long. Factors to consider when choosing building materials are:

Applicability: Choice of natural stone flooring gives a natural, beautiful, and stylish look to the place which lasts for years to come. Application of these provides a finite look to the indoor and outdoor space. Porosity refers to the number of pores present on the stone surface.

Nonporous stone, such as granite, may not need to be sealed. If you are planning to install it in the areas of kitchen or hallways, it’s wiser to choose sandstone or slate. Limestone, and travertine suits well on the fewer traffic areas. So, before making a final decision, arm yourself with the best knowledge about them.


Of course, visual appeal is the significant component worth remembering. The saying – “First impression is the last impression” suits here very well. The judgment about the place makes from its appearance. No doubt that durability and other properties are also outstanding, but the floor in a home decor or business place should always be attractive.


Entryway flooring is the focal point of every place. Make sure one must buy a material that is anti-slippery. SUI offers a different range of colors that passes through the slip-resistant test. Therefore, reduces the chances the of fall and accidents.

Maintenance Free:

That was the earliest era when homemakers use to spend a lot of time on cleaning the floor. It is not the case today. Nowadays various flooring options with sealers & cleaners are available in the market, which makes cleaning of natural stone easy. Our company product with sandstone, travertine, slate stone type is much easier to maintain in comparison to ceramic and porcelain material. One should not use acid cleaners on the natural stone.


Some of nature’s quarry products like paver patterns, tiles and cobblestones are easier to install. All these cut to size and before shipping from India, China, and Turkey joints correctly checked during the fabrication process in the factories.


Suppose you have to choose different surface coverings for different areas of your place. Surely get pissed off. That’s why consider that product which can apply quickly in the interior and exterior spaces and suites at any location on its own. A flexible material that automatically balances with the décor is the right flooring material. Natural stones show beautiful color variations that suit at any place.

Compressive Strength:

The compressive strength refers to the capacity of a particular material to withstand the compression. Its measuring unit is psi. A product with high compressive strength is more durable and stand well to the weathering conditions.

Summing Up :

All the points stated above gesticulate towards the natural stone covering the surface. Nature’s stone can bring gracefully as well as the powerful beauty of flooring installation, along with the surprising functionality and broad applicability. Moreover, its awe-inspiring essence and real minerals present in it make it today’s emerging trend. It turns out clean when tested in the stone laboratories.

The test reports are the tried and verified proof of their high compressive strength, water absorption capacity, versatile adaptability, anti-slippery nature. Finding all the features in a single product is difficult. Because of the advantages of stone flooring, it opts widely by the people of the 21st century.

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