Natural Stone Column Cap

Natural Stone Column Cap – Have you finished your outdoor renovation with some stunning stone cladding or stone veneers? But still, you find it incomplete. Don’t worry, we can understand your feeling and sort out your issue with natural stone column capping. Basically, In Stone Capping, a large flat stone is used to be placed at the top of the wall, to give your wall a complete look. Nowadays, most people prefer to use column construction to provide an attractive outlook.

But the choice of the right material is a major problem.  There are several materials available in the market, but the use of Natural Stone Column Cap is something different. These Natural stones are the one-stop solution for all wall construction needs.

What is Natural Stone Column Cap?

Natural Stone Column CapA natural stone column cap refers to a piece of stone that is cut in the form of a square and place at the top of a pillar. It is a combination of two words Column + Cap. Where Column refers to the standing vertical structure of a wall and Cap refers to the top cover of a wall.


  • It comes with an option of long-lasting. These natural stone column caps have been used in many monuments and they are still shining with the same perfection and beauty
  • These are very affordable. The cost of these stone column caps is very less compared to other materials
  • In addition, while using Natural Stone Column Cap sealers are not mandatory. So, there is nothing wrong, if you want to apply sealers or not for a long-lasting appearance.

Role of Column Cap in the construction

The column is made being inspired by masonry structure and it looks very beautiful when it is added. Actually, it does not look clean until it is covered. Moreover, this column is open from the top. Dirt, rainwater storage in the column leads towards damaging its foundation. Therefore, the role of the column cap is to cover the top of the structure. The main purpose of this column is to handle the loading capacity.

Types of Stone Pillar Caps
  • Ball Finial Pier Cap
  • Swept Pier Cap
  • Heritage Pier Cap
  • Molded Pier Cap
  • Classic Pier Cap
  • Standard Pier Cap

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