Ledge Stone Or Thin Veneer – What’s your choice?

Creekside blend 4 views thin veneer

Natural stone is in trend since ages. Since then till now it is the most popular choice of the people.

Unlike manufactured stone, its grace, beauty and natural essence will never go out of trend.

Want to develop alluring wall decor ideas?

Here comes the solution.

Well continuing with the above topic, ledge and veneer stone both are cladding materials — the finest stone products that can make an ordinary retaining wall into the attractive piece.

One can apply a combination of both the landscaping materials or choosing any of the ones among them will also work great.

If both are the product of wall series, how can you tell the two apart? Is one much better for the construction projects than another?

No.! It’s not like that.

Both the products have its relevance and characteristics. It’s one’s personal choice for whatever material they want to go.

Let’s start with the basics:


Thin veneer refers to the thin pieces of quarried natural stone, available in 1” thick. Such building stones are often popular for both interior and exterior coverings.

Moreover, it acts as a protective/ decorative covering for masonry walls. Generally cut to 1” thick and ideal for siding, fireplaces, chimneys, cabinet surrounds and much more.

Besides natural series, several manufactured veneer stones are also available in the market. Popularly known as faux stone, cultured stone veneer or cast stone.

But don’t get confused with them. In cast stone –  cement, pigmented dyes, and aggregates mix together. Then poured into the molds to create a similar shape like nature’s stone.

  • Structural Use: Either it’s new construction or just a part renovation, real stone veneer is perfect for structural uses. Slate, limestone, sandstone, quartzite are there in the row.
  • Dimensions: For a veneer covering, the real stone is taken out from the earth crust. Further, it is cut into sizes as per the requirement. Stone finish merely depends on the stone type.

This 100% real stone consists of flats and corners, weighing 2500-2600/ pallet (lbs) and 1000-1400/ pallet (lbs) respectively.

  • Color Fastness: Natural stone does not fade with sunlight or any climatic effect; or if so, it fades in such a slow proportion that it will not be noticeable. Same is the case with this wall stone.

The natural stone supplier provides numerous color shades that suit the surroundings. One can avail various dark hues having color tone one-two shade lighter or darker from another.

thinveneer Autumn Mist & Mocha Square Rectangular

thinveneer black & silver Pearl Dimensional

  • Installation: Installation of real wall stone is not a tough task. These are easy to cut and apply. One can install it directly on the concrete or masonry structure. To make a surface more smooth, apply metal lath or a scratch coat.


In simple terms, ledgestone is a Z shape pattern of panels and corners. Horizontal joints are utilized to create a finite shape. The Z pattern on the wall made from the individual pieces of stacked stone.

ledgestone installation guide

Comes in cement and non-cement backing where former backing fixes on the wall with the help of cement. Later pasted with the chemical.

The ledgestone range has always been a popular landscaping stone collection. It gives a perfect balance of trend and timeless. The combination of linear lines and natural finish sets a style statement.

Installation Tips: Ledger stone generally installs the same as stacked stone veneer, with lath, a scratch coat, and mortar. The main differences, though, are weight and dimension.

Veneer stone installation is the light weight alternative for wall decor.





Vapor barrierYesNoNo
Corrosion barrierYesYesNo
Metal lathYesYesYes
Scratch coatYesYesNo


Want to install it over the brick? It can be possible. In this case, a skim or leveling coat is suggested.

For installing ledge stone over cinder blocks Thin Venner Polymer Modified Mortar is recommended.

When installing Ledge – Non-Cement Backing over an interior brick fireplace, use the concrete board with the correct amount of fastener but not plywood.

A brief summary with comparison:




ThicknessCement Backing – ¾”

Non-Cement Backing – 1 ¼”

WeightPanel – 1900-2200/ pallet (lbs)

Corner – 1600-1800/ pallet (lbs)

Flat – 2500-2600/ pallet (lbs)

Corner – 1000-1400/ pallet (lbs)

InstallationEasy stone installationEasy stone installation
LayoutZ shape patternLoose pieces
CuttingEasy to cutEasy to cut
Stone TypeLimestone, Mica Schist, Quartzite, Quartzite Mix, Sandstone, Slate, Slate Mix, TravertineLimestone, Quartzite, Sandstone, Slate
Grouting ProcessNo grouting because of interlocking patternGrouting can be done
Shapes AvailableSingle stripe like shapeSquare rectangular, dimensional, ledge, irregular


DECISION TIME: Deciding Between Ledger Stone and Veneer Stone

Both the natural stone products give the same result. As both of them quarried natural, contains rich mineral composition. Moreover, the installation process is roughly the same between the two.

Instead of doing it yourself, prefer to hire professional stone builder or contractor. At last to wind up the topic – veneer and ledge both serve the same purpose. It’s your personal choice whatever look you want to give to the home interior or exterior.

All done with the choice of stone wall product type. Now the question arises how to give an attractive stone look to the project.


Mother nature has been producing real rock for millions of years whereas humans are using stone for cladding since the Romans built the Coliseum. You can also impart royal and classy look to the construction area using the following ideas:


Brush up the memory and think of past. Earlier Mughal emperors use to construct pillars to adorn the exterior surroundings.

Same is the trend nowadays. Columns have become a vital component when it comes to exterior revamping.

No matter, the structure is of cement or masonry material. But, it’s dress up is essential.

Make use of nature’s stone, i.e. ledge or veneer to give an exotic look.

Here, Square and rectangular thin pieces of Mocha applied to the outer column. Mocha reflects the variants of brown, peach, grey and white.

Sandstone base makes it an ideal material for outdoor surroundings. Easily adjust on the flats as well as on the corners.

Furthermore, the antique black column cap on the top protects the entire masonry structure. At the same time, the pier cap serves as a decorative piece.

Silver Pearl Irregular thin veneer

Bright color always complements the surroundings. Thus, for the persons who have liking for dark color – Silver Pearl Thin Veneer is here.

It combines shades of Gainsboro, gray and black to form an attractive landscaping stone.


Your office, company or industry is the deciding factor about your reputation. So, why to take the risk?

Make use of natural stone collection to upgrade the commercial decor. Either it’s a mall, colony, building,etc stacked stone veneer is the best choice.

Creekside blend 4 views thin veneer

As given in the photo gallery, ledge shape thin veneer applies perfectly on the boundary wall and pillars. The beautiful color – creekside blend creates a rustic appeal all around.

Creek Side Blend in the range of thin veneer combines various earthen tones. Mud brown, cream, tan, beige and soft mustard are the most reflection among all.

The combination of all these polychromatic shades comes in sandstone base.


Do you know, what people notice when first time visit the place?

Of course..the front facing!

It is a vital element in place decor. After all, it leaves the first impression and is a great reputation builder.

Chalet Gold Outside thin veneer

Chalet Gold on the home facade creates a soothing appearance. It shows the blend of yellowish cream and gold-beige.

These neutral shade look more beautiful because of the irregular shape. Limestone wall is well known for its durable and hard-wearing nature.

The wooden brown door completes the look of the front entrance.


Talking about the home interior, the kitchen is the king. The place where homemakers use to spend half of the time. Give it a unique look with the application of ledge stone.

Ledge stone autumn Mist Kitchen Ledge

The backsplash is the behind the vertical extension of the kitchen. A moisture-resistant feature of nature’s stone protects the wall from the splashes of water.

Gray-green, off-white and yellowish-cream colors of autumn mist create a graceful backsplash.

The kitchen design idea is of no use unless it has a chimney. The kitchen hood is the only way to exhaust aroma of cooked species. Usually, the chimney is the masonry structure.

But it’s outlook plays a great role. Thus, installation of stacked stone veneer highly complements.

Autumn Mist Chimney thin Veneer

The mixture of brown, yellow, golden and beige comes with a sandstone base. The Square rectangular thin pieces flats and corners give an alluring look on the chimney hood.

The feature of high compressive strength and frost resistant makes a contemporary design long-lasting.

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