Natural Stone Pavers Houston – Flooring Solution

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Looking for a vibrant and dynamic way to cover the surface in Houston, Texas?

Natural stone pavers are the beautiful floor coverage solution — a great addition to the landscape as well as an outdoor space living area.

From generous to stylish, it highlights every corner.


Are you going to install outdoor flooring? Wait! Have a look on the below mentioned vital factors that will help in choosing the wise material:

A clean layout:

A nice and installed floor is what everyone likes. Pavers are the dimensional pieces of quarried natural stone.

Available in square and rectangular shapes. These are easy to install and simple to manage.

It gives a clean floor picture after completion of the design and installation process.

Visual Interest:

How would one forget about the physical appearance of the material? Despite other vital factors, this element has his importance.

Always choose the material that first grabs your attention. Only then it can fascinate others.

Pavers have that great quality. Variety of colors and available finishes are there to garnish the dream place.


Whether it’s about the office or a home renovation, the budget is the primary concern. And it is necessary too.

Few flooring options can run you over budget. But that’s not a case with natural paving. Pavers sold according to the per pallet and the price is genuine.

Physical Attributes:

Certain physical elements can make or break your flooring design idea. It includes durability, compressive strength, slip-resistant, bending rate, flexural strength etc.

Most of the colors of natural paving collection carry high compressive strength. Low bending rate and longevity are also its hidden features.


If you get the chance to save the environment along with building construction, how would it feel?


You can do this with stone paver installation in front yard or backyard. Being extracted from the lap of nature, it carries rich mineral compositions. All these minerals keep the eco-system clean and green.

pavers houston, travertine pavers houston


Give a lift to the outdoor oasis with paver application all around. SUI – Stone Supplier  carries a wide range of paving collection in Houston, Texas. Whatever color you choose, it will be going to complement the surroundings.



The driveway is the most trafficked area that other parts of the building. It demands strong and durable coverings. Otherwise, it may lead to huge damage.

What should one do?

Unlike concrete driveways, believe on the stiffness of natural driveway pavers. The product of nature carry all the necessary features that make it ideal for drive path.

pavers houston tx, antique black driveway apron

The presence of minerals and high compressive strength is all that makes a product worthwhile. These are not going to get affected by the weathering conditions.

A hidden fact of driveway pavers: The smooth texture allows comfortable and safe passage of water. Thus, keep the surface dry and moisture free.

Pieces of antique black driveway paver show the beautiful pattern highlighting the theme. Moreover, variants of bold black and sight grey creates attractive color together.


Antique brown is the other color available in the range of paver Houston (TX). The warm color depicting earthen tones is available with a sandstone base.

Create a traditional floor design idea with the application of antique brown pavers. Being tumbled of brown mist, it offers soft brown beige, tan color.

They are correctly applied to the pool boundaries, front yard, deck, fire pit, water feature surrounds etc.

This attractive hue was available in paver suits with any decor.


Suistone left you with many options when it comes to outdoor paving choices. Either it’s about the patio, pool deck, or any other passage area, limestone paver collection comes on the top.

Applicability, beautiful, durable are the specific reasons for that. Moreover, natural beauty works well with any decor style. So, opt for a rustic or contemporary look as per the desire.

Unlike other landscaping options, the beauty of limestone flooring will never fade. In Houston (Texas), limestone pavers come with both tumbled as well as a non-tumbled finish:

Antique Yellow – Tumbled

Limestone has been used as a building material since ancient times. Antique yellow in the range of limestone depicts muted yellow color.

Being passed under the tumbling process, it came out with the sight soften shade of yellow. Create unique landscape designs by laying it on the garden path, pool surrounds, outdoor kitchen and more.

French Vanilla – Non-Tumbled

Coming to the non-tumbled range, French Vanilla is the most tempting color. The combination of cream and yellow with the mix of celadon shows a nice contrast.

One can plan for entire swimming pool decor using this non-tumbled limestone flooring. French vanilla pavers on the deck along with stairs create a perfect outdoor design.


Do you know why travertine stone type is most like by the people? Its the ability to remain cool even under the extreme temperatures is the first reason.

Thus make easy and accessible to install around the pool surrounds or garden floor. All you need to do is the use of sealer and cleaners to cover the pores.

antique ivory pavers houston

The antique walnut, shown above, looks great on the pathway. One can use paver with various dimensions to create a floor pattern.

Walnut travertine flooring comes in the royal golden shade with a touch of brown. The tumbled finished help in creating integrated design options.

Opposite to antique walnut – antique Ivory is a neutral and charm shade in travertine flooring. The off-white with a slight touch of yellow and creamish brown gives a unique look to the surface. The entire paver project with stacked stone on the retaining wall gives a seamless finish.


Autumn Mist pavers are an elegant flooring solution for outdoor decor scheme. Neutral sandstone available in a tumbled finish carries yellow and golden brown shades.

Slight fossils feature somewhere on the soft caramel surface. It is warmer stone color-wise offering various fascinating hues.

Autumn mist paver patio floor, driveway apron, pathways etc. enhance building outlying.

autumn mist pavers, pavestone pavers houston tx, texas

Here, the paving pattern creates an inviting and fresh floor design for the backyard. The wood looking textured color highly complements the outdoor greenery.


Talking about the flooring choices, how would one forget the slate stone. One of the most durable and robust stone type in trend since ages.

California gold – the blend of golden brown, beige and tea-green. The pale tone of grey on the pinkish surface complement the surroundings.

Application of this non-tumbled finish and slate base gives a finishing touch.


Indigo Bluestone, imported from India, China & Turkey, is a beautiful colored limestone. The perfect mixture of grey and bluish tones offer various options for hardscape design.

Light and dark variants of laden blue can create an old world to contemporary look.

Give a finishing touch to the landscaping project by keeping in touch with nature. Limestone pavers look great around the pool deck and even on the backyard walkways.

imported bluestone pavers

As seen in the above image, loose pieces of pavers laid on the ground in the form of a pattern. The varied sizes 12”x12”, 12’x24”, 24”x24” take patio coverings to the next level.

In Conclusion…

Thus, all in all, opting natural stone pavers for Houston flooring will be the best a choice. Choose the color that suits your entire design scheme.

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