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According to a recent report, 62% (approx) of people spend their time indoors. As a result, most of them did not connect with the insights and sounds of nature. Nature gives a lot of precious things worth seeing as sunshine, green grass, pretty flowers, high mountains, sweet fragrances, and clouds that make the outer area rejuvenating. Might be people don’t have time to enjoy the beauty of nature because of their busy schedule.

Don’t worry! The SUI landscaping supply store carries many products made from natural stone for your landscaping projects. Now, one can bring the essence of nature directly to your home. You don’t need to go for an outing to enjoy nature’s beauty. All you need is to have a beautiful outdoor space for your home or business.

When it comes to bringing some sought of change to the place, the only thing that works well is the creative landscape design idea along with a selection of rough stone & landscape supply store. In fact, a beautifully landscaped yard can make much difference to the place. It imparts greenery, boosts curb appeal, improves the first impression, and generate positive vibes all around. So, let’s discuss its significance, components, factors in brief.

What landscaping is all about?

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Landscaping is the broad term which involves Softscape as well as Hardscape. Softscape, as clear from the name refers to flexible and living horticulture elements that do not have a long life. Example: plants, grass, bushes, trees, soil, flowers. The hardscape involves the non-living things which last longer such as stones, rocks, decks, patios, etc. An ideal landscaping design must have a perfect balance of both the terms as mentioned above.

It is an art of modifying the overall outdoor surroundings that give it a seamless finish. Exterior area is a projecting portion, and it’s better to convert it into usable land. Usually, they are adjacent to the place, but sometimes they are entirely detached and separate. Whatever be the case, there are various products available for featuring your yard.



Opposite to soft scape, elements of Hardscaping are non-living. So, they don’t need water or sunlight for growth. Thus, one need to put little efforts to maintain their precious space. It offers both economic and environmental pros as mentioned below:

  • Functionality: Converting the vacant outdoor space into a well-dressed landscape allows you to make better utilization of the land. For example, a front yard creates enough space for arranging for a get-together where one can chill and get entertained with family and friends.
  • Resale Value: A better landscaping design not only increase a property’s look but also uplift its resale value by making it more attractive. A well appealing front part of the land is often an essential element from a selling point of view. Additionally, it is also a sense of pride for place owners when somebody talks about its beauty.
  • Add Dimension: Get afraid of flat, wide-open backyard? Bring some change with Hardscaping attributes. These help in adding unique dimensions to the place by defining edges and weaving walkways.
  • Creates a beautiful, relaxing atmosphere and decrease stress level.
  • Reduction in soil erosion control minimizes the loss of soils in waterways.
  • Reduces evaporation and soil degradation

Principles and Elements of Landscaping

Landscaping principles refer to the fundamental truth on which foundation of a place or its layout depends. In other words, these belong to the general theory or law by which concept of landscaping revolves. Elements are the vital attributes which one should be kept in mind while designing outer portion of land.


  • Oneness Unity is the basics of landscape design which refers to planning a central theme to develop the outer land. A unified look symbolizes its beauty.
  • Symmetry There must be a proper symmetry of hardscape and soft scape. Thus, plants, driveways, walkways, and other land attributes should depict an equal balance complementing the entire yard.
  • Proportion Before developing a plan, think wisely and proportionate soft and hard land accessories equally.
  • Rhythm Color scheme, borders, scaling lines creates a pattern that gives the natural rhythm of the land design which is relaxing and enjoyable.
  • Repetition – Sometimes when you use any of the decorative objects in excess, it starts overpowering another one. So, repeated patterns and rhythms must follow in the right amount.


  • Color It is essential to use a contrasting color scheme to the land. A better color scheme includes a combination of:


  • Direction It is the flow or way in which plants arrange to influence the viewers. It is all about the grouping of plants either horizontally or vertically that fit. Hedges, rows, meandering lines or curves are the options which one can use.
  • Form It refers to the shape and size of soft-scape objects such as trees and shrubs. Type of style (upright, oval, spreading) varies from project to project depending on the dimension of the place.
  • Texture Instead of going for same texture plants, paving materials along with different texture plants can add more to your outdoor area.
  • Scale There should be a proper balance between the size of building and plants.

Natural Stone – A Great Landscaping Choice

Natural Stone, a real gift of nature is not only beautiful but also a useful material for landscaping. In other words, landscaping décor is all about enriching your outdoor space with stuff that’s been around for years. Besides homeowners, being the first choice of landscapers, the landscape material adds value and aesthetic appeal to the yard.

The significance of Nature’s Stone in Outdoor Area:

Physical Factors: Landscaping refers to the outdoor entertainment area and a material having excellent physical properties is best suitable. SUI’s stone fulfills the set standards when examining in the stone test laboratory. Stone labs do a proper examination by putting the rock under various conditions and stress levels to determine its exact strength. Type of test depends upon the nature of the stone, i.e., wall or paving stone. The testing situations are sometimes similar and sometimes different. For, e.g., When it’s about testing the cladding rock, determination of bending strength is essential.

These remain unaffected by the expansion or contraction occur due to seasonal temperature changes (thermal shock). The weathering and climatic changes can even entirely damage the manufacturing stone, but it’s not cased with natural stone as it remains consistent with the freeze-thaw cycles.


Visual Factors: Appeal of the place is the significant element that one considers while constructing land. Nature’s wall as well as paving stone offers beautiful color variations as these extracts directly from the quarries naturally. Apart from color, it shows changes in the texture and finishes also. A wide array of color options is available ranging from light to bright that perfectly accents the overall outer surroundings.

Moreover, the beauty of these decorative stones lasts for the long and historic buildings are the best example. Either its pool deck or sheltered BBQ floor, these stones are not going to fade in any case. Astonish the viewers by imparting a versatile look to commercial or residential the project.

Ecological Factors: Apart from providing aesthetic appeal to the place, landscape design can work well as a tool to make a community more sustainable and contribute to an environment. Isn’t it great? Unlike other building material consisting of synthetic, chemicals, plastics, and other harmful substances, natural stones comprised of 100% real minerals. Its density creates fewer kilograms of CO2 per ton and has energy-saving benefits.

Innovative and modernized technology includes various methods of quarrying, extraction, and fabrication which ultimately leads to conserving resources, preventing pollution, and minimizing waste. SUI, one of the leading stone wholesale distributor and importer uses water-based stone fabrication methods that support sustainable design to serve the requirements of the economy.

Components of Unique Landscape design

Everyone desires to have beautiful and catchy land yards. But the question comes in the way: How to determine the elements that make land more unique? Proper planning and design criteria should be there before construction. After all, it’s about your place, and the ultimate decision is of course yours. But we can help you in the decision-making process by briefing some of the vital elements for landscaping projects.

  • Curb Appeal:

Curb appeal refers to the initial appearance of the place. In other words, it is the attractiveness of the exterior portion of a residential or commercial property.No one can belittle the power of curb appeal. The front of the house is just like the cover of the book which put first impressions on the viewers. One should follow few simple improvements that make a big difference. The color of the main gate is contrasting to the base color of the property. Garden grass and bushes must be fresh, green and adequately trim. Pillars, outdoor lighting, fixtures and hanging gardens add an extra grace.

  • Ravishing Entrance:

A perfect entrance always makes a home seem more welcoming. So, adorn your door entrance with natural stone steps. Outer stairs are the vital component entryway. To make it more ravishing, one can construct a fence out in the front yard. The little trick of planting flowers and vines on the boundary along with entry passage will also be a good point.

  • Fascinating Passage:

Passage area is one of the principal components that one should keep in mind. Land passing can be of various types and shapes depending on the size of land. Either it could be paved allowing the smooth surface or unpaved. One can form a considerable walkway leading to front entrance, whereas pathways and sidewalks are a good option for a narrow passage leading to lawn or backyard.

At the same time, garden alleyway is also vital to look after. Whatever be the case, one can create various design patterns to beautify the surroundings and give a pleasing look to the eyes. Natural paving stone is one of the oldest and excellent landscaping material, offers durable, hard-wearing surface with minimum care and maintenance.

For developing backyard or other landscaping alleyway design ideas, stepping stones, flagstones are an ideal choice. All these are the use of constructing pathways but are different from each other. Stepping stones are the individual stone pieces, use in series to form a path. These are most popular in the gardens, parks, and lawns because of its beautiful shapes. Flagstone being irregular in a way perfectly accents the outdoor walkway.

  • Outdoor Kitchens:


Since Mediterranean times, outdoor cooking commonly seen in the families. An outdoor kitchen enhances the grace of your land by allowing you to cook in the open environment. One can grill the food by socializing with the guests at the same time, which is somewhat congested in an indoor kitchen. A perfect BBQ feature with the countertops, cabinets, grilling station, wall fencing, furniture and some other artificial accessories to make it appealing.

  • Driveways:

Those were the early days when people use to park their vehicles at any corner of the home. Now, paths cover the significant part of front door area. It may be straight or little twisted, again depending on the structure of your place. While designing the drive path, its safety, drainage, and aesthetics are also necessary. There are various options for laying a driveway such as concrete, gravel, etc.

But natural cobblestones become the best choice because of its high gripping and hard-wearing nature. To give an extraordinary touch, one can create contrasting color side borders or can feature it with soft scape elements like ornamental trees. The best part of this driveway product is that it has a rough texture which allows smooth passage of water and prevents accidents.

  • Retaining Walls & Pillars:

Retaining walls, whether big or small give a boundary or fencing to the outer surface, whereas pillars help in imparting a royal look. Both the components have their significance. Natural stone thin veneer or ledge stone is perfect to make an outer boundary wall or columns eye-catching. Lamps or lightening on the pillar top gives a beautiful view at night time. Column caps along with protection also serves the purpose of decorative stone.

  • Patios:

Convert the vacant space of your landscape into the usable patio. It is nothing but an extension of your home or business place to free ends. These are the outer room where you can spend time with your loved ones, entertain guests and better place for kids to play. One can develop different patio design ideas by adding fire pits, seat walls, benches and other decorative landscaping rocks for enjoying shine of the sun as well as drops of the rain.

Just like interior design, similar flooring materials and other aesthetic can also repeat in the outer area for harmony and consistency. A perfect contrast of soft-scape and hardscape gives a beautiful view where you can relax. It’s also beneficial for the health to work or spend some time in the open air. Thus, the patio is the best option to end up your hectic day in a relaxing mode.

  • Water Features:


When it’s about landscape designing, how would one forget to install water features? But, don’t make a mistake of keeping too many ornaments. Only one particular decorative piece can do wonders. It includes fountains, swimming pools, and waterfalls. One can opt any of the single items for the yard. Adding any sought of water feature to the land proves a gorgeous piece of art and becomes the focal point of the overall surroundings. Swimming pools are in the emerging trend nowadays. Either its backyard or front yard, a pool with natural stone deck and stairs grab everyone’s attention.

  • Plan a Garden:

If you have enough outer space, then there is no problem in constructing a lawn or garden. But, the one with limited space can also plan to have the garden equipment as it is the essential part of the overall landscape. Create a garden paradise in your yard by opting natural stone garden supplies. Nothing can match the beauty of constructing intersecting stepping stone passage surrounded by green plants and a big waterfall in the middle. Furthermore, one can also opt for exotic benches and planter boxes for developing garden décor ideas. Create garden décor by adopting many lawn care and gardening tips.

Key Factors: Choosing a Landscape Supply Store

There are numerous stone companies in the United States of America. Some have a network of dealers whereas some expand its branches in an extensive coverage. But how to find the best company? What does the “best” constitute in the stone market?

Here come some of the critical factors which one should consider while choosing a landscaping company:

  • Renowned Company: Brand popularity and awareness is the first and foremost factor to consider. Image building of a company symbolizes its truthfulness. A landscape supply company becomes renowned only if it fulfills its responsibilities, obligations, and promises that it make with the clients. Another factor that builds the reputation of the form is its existence and expansion. If a company has been on the market for many years and continuously expanding its operations to the next level, then it’s the one on which you can trust.
  • Product Obtainability: Product obtainability refers to the ease of availing a particular product. A prominent landscaping supplier always has a relevant number of stores where the products showcased in the showroom for the convenience of the public. Moreover, there should be a chain of dealers around the locations that are always ready to guide and suggest the client with the best possible advice they can give.
  • High-Quality: “Quality speaks itself.” A landscape supply store grows if it provides the customer with the highest quality material. No one likes to comprise when it comes to the quality factor. After all, it’s about the construction of a place which is a long-term asset. Product quality is not about what a company puts into it. In fact, it is what the user gets out of it.The 21st century is the era of modernization and internet plays a vital role in this regard. A company whose products meets the quality standards must have positive reviews and rating on the Google. Therefore, evaluating the online reviews is the other criteria to measure the worthiness of a stone company.
  • Affordable Prices: Issue of customer exploitation has been prevalent in the market for ages. But today’s customer is well educated and aware of good and evil. No landscaping supply industry can sell them the products by hook or by crook. Natural stone may cost slightly higher as compared to other manufactured rocks, but it’s not much expensive. To obtain the nature’s stone at affordable prices, always prefer to buy it from the wholesale distributors or direct imports. Such companies offer the material at competitive prices as they directly import from various regions across the world.
  • Vast Array of Choices: Landscaping companies offer numerous options as well as variations in the product. It is worth noting the difference between options and variations. Product options refer to the varieties involve in the parent product. E.g.,  Flagstone, tiles in case of flooring material. Product variations are the attribute available in the product options. E.g., color or texture of flagstone. The more options the company gives, more buying choices the customer will get. So, next time while choosing a building material supplier, be wise and pick the one which offers sufficient quantum of options for your land.


  • Customized Sizes: Customized is also known consumer-fit, means the products or dimensions that suit the need of the client. Every customer has the right to get the product sizes as per their specification and design. But this can only happen if the stone firm you choose accepts the customized orders. Different people have different imaginations regarding the land décor. Then, how one size can fit into all? The individual product can alter in some way depending on the customer’s request.
  • Return Policy: The companies for whom, product returns are a headache, and a cost drain can never grab the customers. In fact, convenient return policies enhance customer loyalty and boost the profits. The entire decision-making process depends upon the terms and conditions of the return policy. The goal is to guarantee the quality of the product by conveying the message, “If you have a valid reason, return or exchange the product on easy terms.”
  • Innovations& Improvements: In this modern era, no business can survive without making improvements in its product range. An innovative product line, especially in decorative rocks, is today’s demand. To cater the customer’s needs, it is essential for a business to make continuous improvement in the quality & range of products is necessary.No buyer will like to develop business relations with the firm which is still working on the old technology.

How SUI becomes the Leading Landscaping Supplier?

SUI began its journey in 1999 as a wholesale distributor of natural stone in California with the product TILE. Later on, it introduces first landscaping product FLAGSTONE with six color options. Believing in the saying ‘Slow and steady wins the race,’ the company began slowly spreading its warehouses across the United States. Today, SUI has five distribution centers (Northern California, Southern California, Texas, Maryland, Washington). Deliver product in more than 35 states (Washington, Montana, Idaho, Dakota, Arizona, North California, South California, Colorado, Oregon, Texas, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Wyoming, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Minnesota, West Virginia, Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Connecticut, Pennsylvania).

Landscaping Supplier H0uston Texas: (Nearby locations – Austin, Dallas)

A large state in the southern part of the United States, Texas surrounded by beautiful deserts, pine forest, and rivers. Within this state, we set up our landscaping yard in the year 2016. Searching for landscaping supplies Texas or allied area? End up your search for landscape supply store, Austin. SUI offers a natural stone product like bullnose, slab, ledge stone, tread, stepping stone, thin veneer, window sill. Paver Houston is also becoming popular nowadays.

Either its biggest city, Houston or the capital, Austin, chain of dealers is there. Besides, our dealers also over Beaumont, Bulverde, Baytown, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Dayton, Georgetown, Keller, Paris, Bulverde, Donna, Porter, Sealy, Spring, Selma, Round Rock, Stafford, San Angelo, Tyler, Waxahachie.

Landscaping Yard in Maryland: (Nearby locations – Frederick, Baltimore)

An east coast state, Maryland is known for its abundant waterways and coastlines. We have a warehouse in its largest city, Baltimore in the year 2018. Apart from this, our landscaping company has dealers in Annapolis, Rockville, Rosedale, Frederick, Baltimore, Columbia, Germantown, Silver Spring, GlenBurnie. Bullnose, column cap, flagstone, stepping stone, ledge stone, paver Versailles pattern, treads, steps, slab.

California Landscape Company: (Nearby locations – Los Angeles, Sacramento)

The state has cliff-lined beaches, the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Central Valley farmland, redwood forest, and the Mojave Desert. Be it a southern part of the northern, SUI expands its branches over California. Headquartered in Northern California, later on, strengthen its business in Southern California. The chain of dealers is present in the cities of Bellflower, Los Angeles, Malibu, Canoga Park, Santa Barbara, Sun Valley, American Canyon, Altadena, Anaheim, Antioch, Dublin, Livermore, Malibu, San Francisco. As landscaping supplier in California, our product line carries bullnose, cobblestone, flagstone, thin veneer, slab, tiles, flooring pattern, etc.

Building Supplier Washington: (Nearby locations – Seattle, Tacoma)

Washington is in the Pacific Northwest having the snow-capped Cascade Mountains. Seattle is its largest city. SUI establishes its another distribution center in Kent, Washington with dealers in the towns of Bellevue, Kent, Seattle, Bellingham, Monroe, Sequim, Tacoma. Being direct importer and stone supplier in the USA, product range consists of steps, ledge, wall cap, flagstone, column cap, slab, driveway pavers, patterns.

If you are looking to get something extraordinary, Stone Universe Inc is the place to come. Our team of professionals produces natural stone to dress up your kitchen, backyard, bathroom, patio, lawn, or any interior/ exterior part of your place. The company is always ready to serve the landscaping needs of customers. Our product range involves building material including wall and land series. Being one of the most reliable landscape supply industry in the area, we have varied hues and sizes for residential, commercial and industrial projects.

It’s taken us 19 years of hard work to earn the reputation of one of the prominent landscaping suppliers. The team of our experts and certified designers help you in the best possible manner to enhance the beauty of your property.

The ultimate goal of the company is to add class and value to the place at the most competitive prices so that client sticks with the organization for future landscaping projects as well. The landscape is a reflection of your personality. So make it unique and catchy, just like you!

Facts that make us unique

Social Responsibility & Complying with Green Standards: SUI adheres to the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) for the ethical sourcing of the stone. The company develops strict policies and rules to ensure that all the products are harvested and fabricated in environmentally sustainable ways.

Direct Importer: We directly import most of our products from India, China, and Turkey.

Quality Stone: SUI believes in offering the customers with best quality natural stone. For that purpose our every product passes the test in stone test laboratory and fulfills the set standards.

Stone base and finishes: Most of the times it happens that product you like is not available in the finish you want, or you don’t get stone base of your choice. But, our natural stone is available in sandstone, limestone, quartzite, travertine, slate, and granite. Further with our company, you get an assortment of finishes like tumbled, non-tumbled, sawn, sawn flamed, short blast, sandblast, honed, etc.

Acceptance of Special Orders: The product is only worthwhile if it matches the customers’ expectations. Therefore, we accept the customized orders as per one’s specification and ensures the timely delivery (within 13-15 weeks).

A network of Dealers: We have more than 350 dealers segregated in various locations in the United States of America. They not only show you the product but also advise you in the best possible way. Warehouses are also there showcasing the products.

Qualified Professional: We have a team of skilled professionals who are experts in their field. They are well aware of every aspect of stone and related tests. From fabrication till packaging, every step in SUI is professional. Moreover, our product packaging is durable and protective.

Well, it’s all about SUI’s success story. Let’s move further. In this scenario, internet capture more than half of the market. People get modernized and search for the product or services through online mode. According to a survey, more than 42% of searches are ‘nearby me.’ The same trend also observes among the people of the United States where approximately fifty-seven percent of them searches for landscape supply near me. So, for the ease of USA people, following is the detail of nearest landscaping material stores.

Landscape Supply Store Near Me

It is a common fact that whenever someone has to decide on constructing or renovating the land, some question comes to the mind. All these queries put a direct impact on the decision-making process. Stone Universe is the only answer to all the above questions.

Question: Who offers best garden supplies?

Answer: For a garden decor to look useful, it is vital to get the unique garden supplies. It includes flooring material, benches, fountains, steps, etc. Our company carter your gardening needs by providing imported nature’s stone. All these stone supplies when accompanying with the artificial grass or soft scape items such as bushes, flowers give an ultimate finish to the garden area.

Question: Where to buy quality landscape stone?

Answer: Our company is in the stone market for last 19 years, and the significant fact of our extended survival is the quality. We will never compromise on quality. Our team of professionals examines the stone by different aspects keeping in view the climate where it is going to use. Thus, it makes us the premier landscape company.

Question: Where to buy flagstone?

Answer: Flagstone is the primary landscaping product with which we started our journey. At the initial stage, we present only six colors, but now the count has increased to more than 30 colors with natural variations and textures. It is directly imported from India and is in high demand because of its irregular and crazy shape.

Question: Pavers near me?

Answer: If you are looking for paving stone to accent the outdoor floor, our landscape store is the best place to come.  Along with pavers, we also offer paver patterns such as paver Versailles pattern, paver ashlar pattern, roman paver pattern, random paver pattern and paver rectangular pattern. These are ideal for patio, front yard, backyard, courtyard flooring.

Question: Which stone companies understand my requirement?

Answer: We are always happy to hear from the customer. No doubt, we sell through the dealers only, but our inquiry form will help the customers in solving different queries. Understanding their requirement and working on it is our ultimate goal. That’s why our company is famous for accepting the custom orders.

Question: Are natural stone also decorative?

Answer: Yes, SUI’s natural stone serves decorative purpose also. Some of the products such as column cap, wall cap, bullnose, etc. give a decorative touch to the pillars, columns, walls, pool, steps, benches respectively, along with its protection from wear and tear. Moreover, one can lighten the lamps on the top of the pillar cap also.

Question: How much natural landscaping material cost?

Answer: Every stone company charges differently for the products they offer. But, we sell affordable landscape supplies. Now you might think why we provide stone at an affordable cost. Is the company stone is not worth it or company trying to increase the sale? The reality is that we are a wholesale distributor and directly import the rock from different quarries. Therefore, offer the same at actual prices.

Must Know:

Before you move ahead with your landscaping plan, there are some things worth knowing. Now, after reading the details about the aspects of landscape, you came to know about its comprehensive scope. But it’s not the end. There are some other variants you need to consider before making any changing to the yard?

The very first point is to ask yourself whether to want to stay at this property for long or planning to sell it out. The answer you give to yourself helps up to some extent. Your priorities will then decide the final structure of the land. For example: If you plan to stick to the property for the years to come when all the components mentioned above have equal importance. But in another case, if your property is going to be a part of real estate listing, the element of curb appeal gets all the importance as it boosts the property value.

Final Words:

At last, it is not worthless to say that landscaping is a significant part of entire project construction. Any space, either its house, building apartment, organization or any other location is incomplete without having a well-planned land décor. The indoor architect is utmost important to any dilemma, but at the same time, outdoor designing is also not ignorable. After reading all the above stuff, one came to the role of the most elegant design and landscape supply store. Think carefully before developing building design ideas. Take time to search the landscaping supplier by using ‘nearby me’ search criteria. Visit Stone Universe Inc landscaping stone yard dealers in Houston, Baytown – Texas, Washington, Maryland and other locations in California.

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